Getting signed is business and ultimately to increase your chances of getting signed, you 100% NEED to know what labels are looking for!

Obviously there will always be exceptions to the rules, videos that go viral or artists who simply get lucky, but as a general rule labels of any size are looking for 2 things…

  • Scalable Success


  • A Professional Foundation

Scalable Success

In simple terms if you can create a genuine and MEASURABLE buzz then you will massively increase your chances of getting singed. In real terms what this means is can you locally pack out a venue of people who are PAYING to come and see you? Are you selling measurable units of CD’s and Merch and again, at a local level are you landing regular press? If your answer is yes to this, then the next step is are you do this same thing at a regional level? If you can still answer yes to this, then next you need to address how professional your foundation is.

Professional Foundation

The following will be a general check list of what you NEED to have in place for a label to take a serious look at you…

  • 10,000 plus FB Fans
  • 10,000 plus Twitter Fans
  • Fan engagement – Do fans share and RT in real numbers?
  • Paid draw at local shows (regional too is a definite plus)
  • Minimum of 2 broadcast quality videos
  • Proven record of CD sales
  • Merch
  • Full Website
  • Secured Radio Play
  • Secured PR
  • Management
  • Booking Agent
  • Ideally you should also have successfully toured, again, even if it is only at a local / regional level.

and finally

  • If you have an unreleased album in hand, this is another BIG selling point to a label.

The absolute bottom line is if you can become a “real” success at a local level and address all of the above, you WILL become a genuine prospect for a label of any size.

Of course you still have the hurdle of getting heard by the labels, but we’ll come to that in another post very soon. This also, is all about the approach.

Again, we took a band to some big labels in 2013. The labels said, love the band, but they need “traction”. We returned to those same labels in 2015 having addressed all of the above and the outcome was a 2 album deal with a $50,000 advance!

Once more, this is something you can 100% do yourself!

Good Luck

– The How To Market Music Team.







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