Videos are a great way to attract new fans and here is a killer tip to getting amazing looking videos for free!

I’ll dive straight in by saying 3 words….Independent Film Trailers!

If you go on to You Tube and search for Independent Film Trailers, granted the resulting videos will vary greatly in quality, but as the 2 videos below will show you, there is amazing footage out there and most of the time, the right approach will get you their blessing to use it.

All of the animation you see in this video was given free of charge and the band filmed the rest of footage themselves. They added filters to make “their parts” fit in with the over all feel of the original short film and they also edited the final video themselves.  Tomorrow

So for a total cost of $0 – they had their first video and it picked up nearly 8,000 views on YouTube. A very acceptable outcome for the bands first video.

Here is the second example. Again we secured some awesome stock footage as a base for this video and like the first, it was all shot and edited by the band – this video is fast approaching 20,000 views to date.

To use this technique your biggest investment is your time.

Don't You Worry Child

Here is a step by step guide on what you need to do….

1 Search out the film trailers you think might work for your track

How To Market Music HINT – When searching on You Tube add additional keywords like “Independent thriller film trailer” or “Independent comedy film trailer” to get more genre specific results to tie in with your style of track.

2 Once you have found the video / videos you would like to use – check the “Show More” section (below the videos on YT) and 90% of the time they will list a website / FB page that you can head to. If you do not find it, simply head to Google and search for “<name of film>” and then the words “production company”. Putting both items in quotes will force a result and almost certainly you will find what you are looking for.

3 Next, you email the Independent Film Company, introduce yourself and simply ask if you can use some of their footage for a music video. You should also send a link to the track of course and as always, be super courteous.

More than often you will get a yes and then all you need to do is politely ask them where you can download an HD version from.

4 Next you need to film your “performance shots”. This is absolutely NOT about having expensive equipment, this is all about making your footage fit in “style wise” with the trailer footage you have landed.

How To Market Music HINT – If you genuinely do not know where to start on this side of things, also consider contacting local film / camera clubs or high schools, colleges and universities, ALL of whom are usually looking for experience themselves.

5 Then it is just a matter of editing the video – this again is way easier than you think and you can find a load of good free video editing software packages by searching on Google for “free video editing software”

6 Release your video!

Like I always say, this is something you can absolutely do yourself!

– The How To Market Music Team.


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