Getting shares on Facebook can obviously be a great way to get your music in front of a much bigger audience.

Generally, friends, family and existing fans will of course share your posts, but often that is where your shares may well dry up. The question and answer of How to get more shares on Facebook is therefore the same….. Incentive!

Existing fans really don’t need incentive as they already love you, so to land new fans, incentive can be very important.

A mistake many artists make is thinking that “Download my EP for FREE” is an incentive, when really it is not.

So this is where you need to think a little outside of the box.

1 Identify what general genre you are and therefore who fans of you, are also likely to be fans of (other artists). Lets face it, if you are a country singer, you don’t want to be trying to get your music in front of Death Metal Fans!

 2 Set up a giveaway (your incentive) for people who share your music. Again aligning yourself with a similar (major) Artist.

By way of a real world example, we picked up this Linkin Park framed item for $20 (on Ebay). We used this as our incentive to share a post for a band who fell very much into the same genre as LP.

The offer was simple, share this post (which included the bands music) and everyone who does so will be entered in to a free draw to win this framed Linkin Park item.

The Outcome – The artist we were promoting posted this and of course their fans immediately shared (as normal), but this time, fans of LP, who wanted to win the item ALSO shared (and heard our artists music).

Linkin Park

Ultimately this led to over 40 times the number of shares this band got normally (for a similar share request) and although I will not go in to full details on this post, we actually went one step further and gave people twice the chance of winning if they visited a page we set up. This page auto played a couple of the bands videos (while the person entering filled out their details) and on the “Thank You for entering” page we gave 3 free tracks.

The downloads of the tracks came in at a whopping 80% of all the people who entered the competition! This is no doubt because by the time they got to the download page, they were genuinely enjoying the music on offer and well on the way to becoming new fans.

This is something you can absolutely do yourself.

Good Luck

– The How To Market Music Team









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