If you are looking to make money from you music, get radio play, pick up more fans on Facebook, get your music placed on TV and in movies and ultimately have a real shot at being signed, then this is THE site for you.

We don’t offer up “in theory” advice, but instead real world examples of what we have carried out¬†through years of industry involvement.

Other sites will tell you, for instance, how to create squeeze / entry pages on to your website, but how does that help you if no one knows about you and your music in the first place?

That’s where our knowledge is frankly invaluable. Over the coming weeks and months we will address major topics like…

  • Getting Fans
  • Getting Radio Play
  • Getting Signed
  • Videos
  • Social Media
  • and much more

All the help we will give you are things¬†you can do yourself too with no special skills required….


The site is totally FREE to use, but you do need to sign up, purely to allow us to control who posts what.

If you have any other questions? Please fire us an email on music@how-to-market-music.com and we’ll do our best to come back to you asap!


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