Over the last couple of years our company has had a lot of involvement in placements in movies, commercials etc, so I thought I would share a few tips to increasing your chances of getting selected when using sites like Music Xray, ReverbNation, SonicBids etc.

Pasted below is a sample track submitted recently to us via Music Xray…

Music Xray Sample Submission

Before I move on I should say that depending on the project, the music you are submitting can make up only 50% of the importance of the submission as a whole. Of course it is important that your music is amazing, but it is also just as important that your profile and presence ticks every box.

Above I have posted details of a track recently submitted to us through Music Xray. Obviously I have blurred out the artists details. But what you will see here is a track submitted with No Artwork, No Message and No Links!

Right off of the bat, even if your music is outstanding, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage, especially in movie music placements as they (music supervisors) are well known for wanting tracks from artists who are the whole package.

When I am listening to a potential track, here is what I do.

First before I even listen to the track, I will read the message from the submitter. This is your chance to tell the music supervisor etc about you, your feelings on the song….ultimately it is your first chance to make a connection.

Next I hit play. I immediately then look at the artwork and head straight to the links section. Facebook is usually my first port of call as it tells me how active an artist is, how many fans they have…..all in all, it starts to tell me how professional & serious they are.

Simply put, imagine two tracks are submitted, both are similar (very good) in quality, but one artist supplies no information at all and the second has great artwork, a thoughtful message to me and links to a pro looking website etc…..which one would you pick?

Again I am not saying it is the be all and end all, but it does tell a prospective “business” partner that as an artist, you are serious AND professional.

We have actually had tracks submitted where the artist did not even give their name! Believe me that is seriously frustrating and the best way to alienate a Music Industry Professional.

In future, try to think of a track submission as a sit down. The M.I.P is yours for the next 4 minutes. This is your chance to either sit in silence or impress the hell out of them!

Good Luck

– The How To Market Music Team

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