A few people have asked me lately about what format you should send your tracks out in (and how), when you are looking for radio play.

Here is a sample of how our label sends out a request for radio play.

Ferocity Records
Described recently as “an almost perfect rock radio track”, We Are The Catalyst present the stunning first single “Open Door” from their forthcoming second album “Elevation”.

The single “Open Door” is available for airplay from the 15th of April 2016 onwards.

Stream / Preview Open Door – I have removed these links on this example, but you should have one link to allow stations / PD’s etc to preview your track – this 100% HAS to be a stream only option.

Download MP3 – Then make and MP3 version availbe to download – Dropbox is best for this AND stations will trust a file in a dropbox.

Download WAV – Finally include a link to a WAV. Remember MP3’s are compressed and some stations will not touch them. Again for the WAV download, link it from a dropbox.

Artist : We Are The Catalyst

Title : Open Door

ISRC : SE4JK1600301 – Include the ISRC as again a lot of commercial stations will not play a track without it on record.

Label : Ferocity Records

Open Door by We Are The Catalyst

Brief Recent Bio
 – Try to keep a bio for a radio station down to 1 paragraph.Last year, The band completed a 10 day tour of China playing various shows and festivals. They also played Bloodstock alongside such bands as Trivium, Sabaton, Within Temptation etc. We Are The Catalyst also had their first UK headline tour in October and November which followed a support slot with Delain. They rounded out the year by performing at Planet Rockstock in December along with The Darkness, FM and Rival Sons and others, where they headlined the second stage on the Saturday evening!

2016 will see the band touring in the US, Europe and beyond plus of course it will mark the release of the bands second album “Elevation”.

Connect with We Are The Catalyst via  – Always include links to social media. You may not like this, but you have to accept that stations wills judge airplay potential on the track AND “you” as a complete package!




In The Media – Quotes are always good to include – if you don’t have them….get them!

“10 / 10 Mind-blowing vocals….. the most exciting prospect to emerge out of the Nordic nation in the last few years” – GMA

“I literally cannot get over Cat’s vocals…..Incredible” – www.getyourrockout.co.uk

“13 Addictive Tracks…..Phenomenal” – www.new-reviews.co.uk

“Stretching the boundaries of the rock music genre” – Johnny Main – MetalTalk.net

“A huge avalanche….Genius” – Kronus Mortus Magazine

“Simply Stunning, move over Evanescence” – Ozzy Osbourne (ex) Bass player Terry Nails

Music Directors and Program directors get hundreds of tracks a week. Yours will “electronically” get to the top of the pile if it is delivered correctly and professionally.

Also remember once you do achieve tar all important first play from a new station, you will have definitely broken the ice and as long as you keep up the quality musically, your repeat play chances will skyrocket!




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  1. Elizabeth Issa Reply

    Thank you for this professional piece of advice, you are a wonderful asset to the music industry Mr Cheese and are very dedicated to helping artists and future artists alike in providing insightful tools/information to help assist in reaching personal goals. Thank you.

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